4 Responsible Pet Tips for Apartment Living!

You've finally found an apartment for rent for you and your pet – not an easy task in many large cities– now how do you stay in your pet-friendly community's good graces? Badly behaved pets are a liability and result in no-pet policies, so make a good name for owners everywhere with these pet tips. Click HERE to read…

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9 Frugal Living Tips for Practical Apartment Renters!

In today’s rental market, it’s increasingly difficult to find apartments that fit in the Goldilocks zone of quality, availability, location, and cost. The well-known rule of allotting no more than 30% of income towards rent expenses is soon to become a myth. A recent study carried out by Harvard University shows that nearly half of renters surpassed this 30%…

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10 Responsible Pet Tips for Apartment Living!

Apartment living means you're living in close quarters with neighbors, and whining, yowling, off-leash pets can quickly result in complaints or apartment warnings. Pet-friendly communities expect pet owners to be responsible for their furry friends. Make a good name yourself and apartment pet owners everywhere with these tips: Click HERE to read more! 


In choosing the best dog breed for your apartment, there are many factors to consider. Of course, you should choose a dog that matches your personality and activity interests, but there are factors specific to apartment life that can help you determine if the dog breed will match your lifestyle. Click HERE to read more!